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For more than 50 years, Norsud has been a leader in the French market for industrial closures and dock equipment.

In late 2013, Norsud acquired GPsystems, a company specialising in transhipment platform safety.

In 1989, a fatal accident occurred on a loading dock involving a neighbouring company of GPsystems.

Struck by the seriousness of this case, Mr Glomot and Mr Penot joined forces and developed a system which reduces the risk of lorries accidentally leaving docks (the cause of this accident).

The two trained engineers soon set three objectives for this system: efficiency, simplicity and robustness. To meet their goals, they adopted the solution of a system buried in the ground. The first version of Calematic® was set up now nearly 27 years ago.

Several patents have been filed as the system has been improved. Note that the first chocks installed are still operational.

A universal solution, Calematic® has been fitted in several countries.

GPsystems merged with Norsud in early 2019 and continues to export Calematic® along with other products through a network of authorised distributors.


Our group